Photo Shoot with Robyn Barnsdale Posted on 04 Apr 18:38

This is the recent shoot with Robyn Barnsdale and photographer Jason Keomany.

Location- Abandoned Prison

Jason Keomany-

Robyn Barnsdale-

Emmanuel Mendoza-Artist Posted on 28 Jan 19:29

Emmanuel Mendoza is a PRTY Crew Collectives designer and a skilled tattooer at Ironclad Tattoo Co.  We asked him some questions to help everyone get to know the man behind the Detroit PRTY City, Death Tarot, Coffin, and more designs to come. ENJOY


1. How long have you been tattooing?  
 -I have been tattooing professionally for about 7 years. 
2. Where did you tattoo before and how long have you been tattooing at Ironclad Tattoo Co?
-I was a tattooer at Red Hot Tattoo in the city of Arcadia, CA. I have been at ITC for about 5 months 
3. What do you like to do for fun aside from tattooing? 
-Honestly tattooing consumes most of my life haha! But when i really have down time i love to paint, draw, build models and ride my bicycle.  
4. What is you favorite part about living in the Detroit area so far?
-Honestly besides the snow and cold for a couple months, there isn't really much a difference from the L.A area and Detroit. So far i would have to say the awesome places to eat, drink, and party. One of them being the casinos!
5. What is your drink of choice?
-Alcoholic drink? Jack and coke! Non alcoholic raspberry ice tea yup!
6. Any plans for traveling soon? 
-Yes!! Im heading to California in March with Matt Lambdin, were doing a short west coast tour. I also am planning on hitting up Black Anvil in fort Wayne Indiana. But nothing too crazy for now. 
7. What is your favorite place you have travelled so far?
-Hmm..there are many places but i would have to say Guatemala was my favorite. Its where i was born, so it definitely holds a special place in my heart.
8. Who in the art/tattoo field do you look up to and/or an influence on your work? 
-Man! This one will require a lot of thought. But right now..still holding first place would be Grime and the tattooers at Skull and Sword in San Francisco, then Thomas Hooper, Beau Guenin at Black Anvil, Chad Lenjer, Robert Goodkind, god!! There's too many to name but these are the ones who motivate me right now.
Instagram- @emantattooer

Interview with Hip in Detroit Posted on 29 Dec 11:10

We are stoked to finish up the year with the launch and how this interview we did with HipinDetroit.  HID covers all the fun stuff that is happening around this area and they decided to hit us up and ask us some questions.

You can read it here:

OPEN FOR BUSINESS Posted on 26 Dec 00:23

We are proud to announce that PRTY Crew Collective is open for business! We hope you enjoy the product we have and look forward to everything that is to come.

COMING SOON!!!!! Posted on 15 Dec 20:36

Our official launch is coming soon.